We are so proud of those that have chosen to be a light in the darkness.

When we set our 2020 goals last year, we were determined to figure out a way to give back to the causes that have shaped us, protected us, educated us, and removed obstacles for us. We wanted to seek out organizations and individuals who were, to paraphrase the late Honorable John Lewis, 'getting into good and necessary trouble' in their communities and across the nation. We wanted to create something that honored all those bright lights that guided us through the darkness.

'Be the light in the dark' is our way of paying it forward.

We have chosen RED as our NEW signature color for our fight towards real and meaningful societal change.  The kind of change that is evident in legislation, in how communities of colors are policed, how our LGBTQ tribe is treated, and in how those that are in low income and poor neighborhoods receive equity in resources.

Our designated scents below will be donating 50% of the net proceeds to a combination of organizations and a variety of selected individuals that are supporting the causes that we hold dearest. Where is the rest going? The remaining 50% will be going towards labor and materials so that we can continue to donate to worthy causes.


Donations will be given out each quarter to allow us to amass as much funding as we can to offer as much assistance as possible across a variety of organizations and activists.

We will rotate the scents as they are depleted or to just change things up.

Change is good.

free domestic shipping for all orders over $99

free domestic shipping on orders over $99