B.D.E or if you are new to the acronym Big Dick Energy. Swag at this level is a blend of sweet, herbal woody fragrance infused with mandarin orange, piney fruity floral galbanum, rose, cinnamon, herbal notes of basil and tarragon, which is then finished off with cedar and tonka bean. You know the BDE when you see it and this is it in a fragrance.

Limited quantities available as this scent is under consideration.

b.d.e. tea lights & pods

pack size
  • Love a candles, but don't want a massive committment yet? Do you need to smell everything before making candle decision? Do you want a few scented tealights to highlight an intimate space? Need a stocking or gift back stuffer? Maybe you are having a huge event and want to set the vibe with scent and lighting as a finishing touch? Then you have come to the right place.


    Luhky 13's scented paint can candles, and ginormous tea lights & tea pods are handcrafted with our special wax blend and high quality fragrance oils and colors.  We offer made to order and ready made candles from our Maryland studio.

    Candle Care & Scent Guide

    Overall candle information

    • in house exclusive wax blend
    • studio made
    • small batch / hand poured
    • scents are domestically sourced our offerings include:
      • exclusive in house blends
      • traditional candle scents
      • perfume based manufactured scents
    • all are retail, wholesale, and gift ready

    Paint Can Candle Vessels

    • fun and playful paint can vessel
    • 8oz & 16oz candles
    • wooden wick

    Tea Lights & Tea Pods

    • tea light with wick
    • tea pod without wick; great for use in an electric wax tart warmer.
    • 2 package sizes
      • 5 pack
      • 36 pack
    • polycarbonate vessels

    Burn time (all times are approximate):

    • 2 oz: up to 1 hour
    • 8 oz: up to 45 hours
    • 12 oz: up to 60 hours
    • 16 oz : up to 70 hours


    Please allow our candles and wax tarts to express themselves as each pour may yield a unique look or texture to the finished product.


    Any graphic renderings are to assist with a visual only.  Due to the handmade nature of our products, please allow slight variations in the finished product(s).

  • Contact Us with any questions or if you would like to customize for an event.


    If you have any event, please be sure to give yourself and us enough time to proof, approve, create, and ship to you.  I highly recommend 8-10 weeks before the event.


    all sales are final for any customized items

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free domestic shipping on orders over $99