Need a refill on your reeds?  We got chu!!

diffuser reeds

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  • Consider combining our entire home scent collection to enhance your home as you share moments with friends and family.


    Overall reed information:

    • 20 traditinal rattan reeds
    • sourced from US supplier
    • approximately 10" and can be cut to size for aesthetics.

    **We will continue to sell until current stock is depleted.


    Any graphic renderings are to assist with a visual only, the finished product and any decal placement may vary on the finished product.

  • Plaster & wood pendants/disc fragrance diffusers: Our plaster and wood diffusers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Although all use oils to scent, how they are scented will vary slightly.  Add 3-5 of drops of your favorite fragrance oil to one side of the pendant and place in area that you want to diffuse your chosen scent (closet, car, bathroom, etc.). Make sure that the oil has been completely absorbed into the pendant prior to placement; this will minimize any staining or discoloration from dripping onto surfaces. The pendant will absorb the oil but the scent will endure and diffuse the fragrance over the next few days. When the scent fades away, just add 1-2 more drops of the same scent to the rear of the diffuser again. The strength of the scent will depend upon the how many drops are applied.  Don't over saturate the disc as you may clog the pores and prevent it from absorbing future applications of oil.


    Pom poms diffuser reeds. Created by marrying fun and fluffy puffs with the traditional diffuser reed.  Simply place the reeds in the diffuser vessel (non puff end) and the oil will absorb into the reeds and diffuse into the air.  We recommend that you remove your Power Puffs from your difusser at least once a week to dry overnight (longer if overly saturated); will last approx. 4-6 weeks.


    Sola flower rope fragrance diffusers.  These fragrance diffusers have an absorbant rope that allows you dip the rope in the fragrance oil and rest the fragrance diffuser atop the oil vessel while the rope absorbs and disperses the frangrance.  Keep in mind that the rope and the shaped fragrance diffuser will absorbs quickly and will disperse scent much faster than the traditional reeds.  Once the oil is depleted, simple replace the oil and reposition the fragrance diffuser.


    Traditional fragrance reeds.  Simply place the reeds in the diffuser vessel and the oil will absorb into the reeds and diffuse into the air. You can flip a few reeds every few days or all the reeds everyday. Keep in mind the more reeds you flip and the more often you flip them, the faster the fragrance oil will evaporate. Please use caution when flipping the reeds. Flip the reeds over a wastebasket or sink and be sure to clean the vessel of any fragrance oil drips before placing on a delicate counter top.  We highly suggest using a coaster or plate under your diffuser to keep any oil drips from damaging surfaces.


    Refilling your oil.  When you buy refill oil for your diffuser, clean out the vessel with soap and water and let it dry completely before you refill it. It’s better to start with fresh oil than continuously add new oil to old oil.


    Be sure to change your reeds when you change your oil.  Reeds get dusty and clogged over time and lose efficiency.

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