Typically this style of silicone bracelets has been designed and worn as a medical alert bracelet.  Well, we are here to tell you that there are so many ways that these fabulously functional bracelets can be used.

ID ocean

stainless steel slider size
    • 100 MAXIMUM CHARACTERS ENGRAVED (this includes spaces & puncuation)
    • Please use a number to indicate the line for your text or hit a ENTER/RETURN to skip to the next line. The numbers will NOT be printed, they are just to ensure that we put the correct information on the correct line. Input example:
      • 1:Mary Jones
      • 2:deaf/ASL
      • 3:Sarasota, FL
      • 4:941.365.7895
    • Text will be engraved EXACTLY as it is submitted. We will copy & paste your information to include any puncutation or sentense case.
    • We gave a few extra spaces so that you can indicate the line number and for the hard returns to physically separate and stack the text lines.


    Please note: the more text the smaller the font.  We have placed a limit on characters to ensure that your submissions maintain a reasonable amount of readability.

free domestic shipping for all orders over $99

free domestic shipping on orders over $99