Dust off your favorite outfit because the smiles and lights will be flashing!  This glorious scent is named after a drink that is named after an event that wants you to project your very best to the world. C'mon you cannot go wrong with this undeniable exotic, sweet, tart, and fruity concoction combining pomegranate with a kick of herby and spicy ginger.  Smile for the diffuser!!

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the red carpet diffuser oil & refill

  • We absolutely insist that you indulge your senses while freshening your home with these thoughtfully crafted reed fragrance diffusers! Each fragrance diffuser is filled with our micro batch scents and lovingly packaged into an elegant frosted glass dropper bottle or a playful stainless steel vessel.


    Consider pairing our entire home scent collection of diffusers, room & linen spray, cone incense, and scented candles to enhance your home while sharing moments with friends and family.



    • 8oz metal industrial canister
      • use the oil to refill your current decorative vessel OR
      • directly add traditional rattan diffuser reeds, decorative puffs, or sola flower to canister.
    • includes 10 tradition rattan reeds
    • micro batch mixes
    • hand poured / packaged
    • gift, storage, and retail ready


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    Any graphic renderings are to assist with a visual only.  Due to the handmade nature of our products, please allow slight variations in the finished product(s).

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free domestic shipping on orders over $99