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Below are our list of current studio scents.  Please note that scents may be discontinued without notice as we create more in-house fragrances or the scent is no longer available via our suppliers. 

Italicized items are in-house mixed scents.

Church Lady: Takes me back to being a kid in church on Sunday and being given a soft buttery vanilla caramel piece of heavenly goodness. Church Lady is deliciously sweet, with top notes of caramel and brown sugar resting on a bed of buttery vanilla.

Spa Day: Imagine strolling through a lush garden ripe with colorful blooms and flourishing herbs. This fragrance melds the earthy scent of green herbs with soft, subtle blossoms.

Key Biscayne: A subtle, lilting aroma that embodies the simplicity of summertime meadow overrun with wild jasmine with base notes of musk to round out the fragrance.

Vacay Vibes: A diverse yet harmonious combination of floras, roots and woods, with base and mid notes of Neroli and Gingerroot topped with an ever so slight hint of Belizean Rosewood.

Serenity: Imagine a truly magnificent rose fragrance kissed with a hint of peppermint. Elegant and inherently feminine, this new twist on traditional rose is sure to become a fast favorite.

Wash & Fold: Clean and mild, this powdery fresh fragrance is perfect for any reason and everyone.

Sweet Tart: Bursting with fresh cut citrus appeal sweetened with tart, ripe pomegranate, this fresh, fruity blend is inherently uplifting.

Just Juicy: Fresh Peach takes me back to a time when I visited my first peach orchard in Georgia. This scent gives all the 'feels' of a perfect harvest of fresh picked, ripe peaches. All the juicy sweetness without the juicy mess on your face.

South beach: A sizzling blend of tasty pineapple, fresh mangoes, exotic passion fruit, and juicy orange that result in a hot and sexy fragrance.

Nom Noms: There is nothing like the aroma of cookie dough just before it goes into the oven. That delectable batter, made from brown sugar, butter and vanilla is nothing short of irresistible.

Original Sin: Imagine a fragrant rain forest where tropical fruits are ripe for the picking. This blend of sweet pineapple, zesty orange and juicy mango all rest on a soft bed of Tahitian Monoi blossoms and banana.

Unicorn Fart: A crazy sweet and insane sugary fantasy in a bottle. Imagine some super juicy fruits mashed up with hard sweet candies designed to smell like a Unicorn farted.

Gentleman Caller: Sweet Vanilla & fresh Citrus with a darker undertone of Tobacco and Charred Whiskey Barrels. A perfect blend of light & dark, just like that Refined Rebel you love so much.

Soiree en Blanc: True to the flower, the captured scent of a young gardenia blossom; gentle, soft, and fragrant.

Basic Bitch: This mild, comforting scent of a creamy buttery vanilla brings back the coziness of a home and childhood.

Baby Toes: Brings back the powder fresh scent of a baby's nursery with this delicately sweet aroma.

Teeny Bikini: The fresh, juicy aroma of pink grapefruit is delightfully blended with petals of soft jasmine.

Garden Party: A fruity floral combination of strawberries, oranges, and apples accompanied by sweet floral aromas of jasmine, rose geranium, and oakmoss.

Dragon Lady: Enticing blooms of spring wildflowers are perfectly blended with succulent red cherries.

Rich Bitch: Deliciously sweet notes of apple, peach and pear; mixed with rose, jasmine and gardenia; and finished off with vanilla and sweet berries.

Night Cap: Yummy top notes Cider Brandy, Spiked Amber, Clove Bud; middle notes of Tupelo Honey, Jazzberry, English Whiskey; and bottom notes of Tobacco Flower, French Oak, Wine Cask.

Ladies Night: This scent has top notes of Evening Iris, Blushed Suede, Silvered Sword Leaves; middle notes of Cordoba Leather, Meukow Vanilla, Burgundy Saffron; and bottom notes of Black Agarwood, Copper Patchouli, Caramel Cordial.

Boyz Night Out: This beautiful scent has top notes of Jasmine Sambac, Italian Bergamot; Heliotrope; middle notes of Vanilla Bourbon, Cigar Parlor, Amber Crystal, and bottom notes of Cedre Woods, Burgundy Reserve, Textured Musk.

Slow Sip: this beautiful scent has a top note of black Myrrh, Dessert Brandy, Pure Cane Sugar; middle notes of Blanc Wine, French Cognac, Rosewood Noir; and bottom notes of Spiced Tabac, Guaiacwood, Dark Frankincense.

Noir Kiss: A blend of grapefruit, bergamot, lavender; mashed up with water lilies, star Jasmine, night blooming orchid; that finishes off with purple hyacinth and soft musk.

Mary Jane: Don’t let the name fool you, this gorgeous scent is deceiving if not captivating. A top note blend of Nepal Cannabis, Green Mandarin, Coriander; layered with Chinese Hemp Seed, Allspice, Pepperberries; and finally finished off with Cassia Root, Black Ashwood, Patchouli Leaves. Absolutely stunning from beginning to end.

Nirvana: Nothing but positivity y'all.  A soul elevating scent that is a Universe approving mix of green foliage, coriander, pineapple, and jasmine on a bed of cedar, rosewood, black pepper, and oak moss with a hint of jasmine and bergamot.  Sit back, breathe deep, and mediate like a mutha.

Happy Ending: Yep, this melodic blend of vanilla, mint, and lavender is the perfect aroma to pair with your much deserved 'wine' down.

Yacht Party: Open air, fruity drinks, and toasting your friends onboard and ashore; a blend of vanilla, peach, grapefruit, and jasmine just scream deck party!!

Shenanigans: This is a fun, sweet, and mischievous concoction of berries, green herbs, pears, and vanilla.

Power Nap: Power Nap is what we had in mind when we mixed this fragrance.  We blended mint, vanilla, lemon, and baby powder to evoke the feeling of napping hard a*s f*ck under your favorite blanket with your favorite fuzzy socks.

Surrender: Surrender was a beautiful mistake. A fabulous blend of citrus, floral, cannabis, and hemp. (Grapefruit, lemon. Jasmine, and cannabis.)

Warm & Fuzzy: A freeing fragrance of vanilla, jasmine, lemon, and smidgen of menthol. It is all spa with a sweet refreshing kiss.